July 18, 2023

By: Evan Polaski, Investor Relations Managing Director

Many investors look to multifamily real estate for passive income and capital preservation. Real estate can offer benefits such as lower volatility, a hedge against inflation, and the opportunity for depreciation.

Assessing which operator to invest your hard-earned capital with can be challenging.

There are eight critical factors you should consider when choosing a syndicator for your real estate investment:

  • How well are they known and respected in the marketplace? (1:39)
  • Are they buying in high-growth markets? (1:50)
  • How are they evaluating properties for success? (2:00)
  • What is the plan to generate returns? (2:07)
  • Do they have full asset control with property management? (2:21)
  • Are they transparent and clear with fees and structures? (2:32)
  • How often are you communicated with? (2:44)
  • Can they prove consistent execution on their business plan? (2:59)

Join Evan Polaski, Managing Director of Investor Relations, as he outlines the questions you should be asking in his new YouTube series “8 Essentials to Evaluating a Real Estate Investment.”

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