September 15, 2023

The September edition of The Monthly Distribution is now available.


Understanding What Investors Crave – 10 Focal Points To Maximize Your Success 

After speaking with thousands of investors throughout the years,  find our “Top 10” list of what investors really want and how they choose the best operators.

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Risk Adjusted Returns: The True Measure for Any Investment

As human beings, we are hardwired to want instant gratification but it is important to weigh the associated risks before jumping in. Continue reading to learn about ways to compare
the risk of private real estate objectively and subjectively.

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State of the Multifamily Market Q3 2023

The United States multifamily real estate market remains strong, with high rent growth and occupancies. However, there are also increasing expenses being seen for property operating costs. Explore the trends that are currently at play.

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Investor Features:

Mark Hentemann

Comedy writer of Family Guy fame builds a strike-proof investment strategy.

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Tim Wagner

Ashcroft investor funds his bucket list with investment returns.

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Additional Insights:

Investor FYI

Our investor relations team answers your multifamily real estate market questions.

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AVAF3 Update

The final two properties in the AVAF3 have closed. Learn more about these properties, catch up on due diligence, and join us for a property tour.

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