October 18, 2023

The October edition of The Monthly Distribution is now available.


Q3 Review and Q4 Outlook: An Interview with Asset Management

Evan Polaski sits down with Managing Director of Asset Management Traci Wilhelm to discuss updates with her team and overall trends in the multifamily market.

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Understanding the K-1 Tax Form in Real Estate Syndications

Delve into the world of the K-1, exploring its purpose, sections, and importance. Travis Watts also joins CPA Karlton Dennis for a further discussion.

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Is Middle Income Enough? How to Elevate Your Game 

Americans are shifting to the lower-income tier or entering an upper-income tier, meaning the middle class continues to shrink. How can you avoid becoming this statistic?

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Investor Features:
Chandra Venkat

Syndication Inspired This Couple to Educate the Next Generation of Investors

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Chad Philpott

Navy Veteran Plans a Return to the Sea with Caribbean Retirement

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Sean Mahoney

A Chiropractor That Cures Other Doctors of Poor Financial Habits

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Additional Insights:

Investor FYI

Our investor relations team answers your multifamily real estate market questions.

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Meet some of our happy investors.

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