July 20, 2023


The July edition of The Monthly Distribution is now available.


Discover the Investing Opportunities of Florida: Gateway Lakes and Cocoplum

Delve into the location details of our two newest properties, Gateway Lakes and Cocoplum and explore the reasons we chose to invest here.

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Multifamily Trends: Looking to Q3 and Beyond

What can you expect from multifamily trends and investment opportunities through the rest of 2023? Gain insight into ways to maximize opportunities in the existing market.

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Negative Leverage – Can You Still Make Money In Commercial Real Estate

Examine multiple case studies that test why negative leverage makes sense for investors like yourself.

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Investor Features:

Daniel and Lindsay Galvan

How were these junior high sweethearts from the Chicago suburbs able to quit their W-2 jobs and live off their passive income?

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Susan Hunter

This mom and Air Force veteran utilized her military training and adaptive mindset to meet new challenges and opportunities.

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Additional Insights:

Investor FYI

Our investor relations team answers your questions

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Healthy Tips

If we don’t have our health, what use is our wealth?

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