August 15, 2023


The August edition of The Monthly Distribution is now available.


A Comprehensive Guide to Deal Research in Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can offer lucrative opportunities, but careful research is necessary for repeated success. So how do real estate investment firms conduct their due diligence?

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Transforming the Multifamily Sector: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful force, revolutionizing many industries. Explore a few ways in which AI is changing the multifamily sector.

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Property Management Best Practices

As you consider investing, it’s essential to understand the options available. How hands-on do you want to be with your investment? Gain insight into the necessary responsibilities property managers must maintain to be successful.

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Investor Features:

Stacee Evans

Insurance Agent and Mom of Two crosses the finish line of her investment goals by stumbling on multifamily investing.

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Joe Sauers

He started a landscaping business in the ninth grade, saved his pennies, researched real estate options, and built a blossoming portfolio.

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Additional Insights:

Investor FYI

Our investor relations team answers your AVAF3 questions.

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Building Passive Income Webinar Series

Catch up on previous webinars and register for upcoming.

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