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Taking Care of Your Investors

October 19, 2021


An outstanding investor-relations program is a critical component of success in multifamily. But too many apartment companies “treat their investors as if they are fortunate to simply be along for the ride.”

That’s one of the points made by Ashcroft Capital CEO Frank Roessler in his new blog for Multifamily Insiders.

“When I think about what investor relations should look like, I think back to the pizza shop my father owned and ran while I was growing up,” Roessler writes. “He never took a customer for granted. He realized they always had a choice in where to spend their money and so he made it a point to offer more than just a meal. He provided a warm, engaging customer service experience that left his patrons knowing they had been listened to and appreciated. This created a steady stream of return customers and positive word of mouth.”

To read the full blog, visit Multifamily Insiders.


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