In response to potential business disruptions, Ashcroft Capital has a comprehensive Business ContinuityDisaster Recovery-Cyber Incident Plan (BDCIP). This plan ensures a flexible response to unforeseen events.

Contact Information: In the event of a disruption, reach us at or check our website,, for updates.

Recovery Plan: Our BDCIP focuses on a swift recovery, safeguarding employees and property, conducting financial assessments, protecting records, and enabling seamless investor transactions.

Key Focus Areas: Our plan covers data backup, mission-critical systems, operational assessments, alternate communications, employee relocation, supplier impact, regulatory reporting, and ensuring investor access to their accounts.

IT Service and Partners: Our IT Service Provider and partners regularly back up crucial records. We aim to restore operations promptly.

Adapting to Disruptions: Whether affecting our office, city, or region, disruptions may vary in severity. We have plans to relocate operations to backup or remote locations, ensuring continuity. Updates will be communicated via email, our website, and the investor portal.

For Further Inquiries: Reach out to us at if you have questions about our business continuity planning.

Thank you for your trust and partnership