May 18, 2023


Ashcroft Capital’s Q2 market report’s analysis of current trends makes it clear that fundamentals remain stable in the multifamily market.  

Stay up to date on the latest news in the multifamily industry. We are able to draw upon the experiences of over 300 employees to anticipate and address the multifamily market, providing a comprehensive overview of current conditions and future trends. The Q2 Market Report explores inflation, rent increases, cap rates, vacancy rates, and additional challenges our industry is currently faced with. 

Read our report here for a thorough analysis of the industry, our outlook, and our plan to stay ahead of market challenges: 


  • Will the Federal Reserve continue to increase the federal funds rate?  
  • How will the recent drop in inflation affect multifamily housing? 
  • What do we anticipate will happen to the vacancy rate? 
  • What are the expectations surrounding cap rates? 
  • How will the cost of owning a home affect multifamily?