April 27, 2023

By: Travis Watts, Director of Investor Education

Join Ashcroft’s Director of Investor Education, Travis Watts for his series, “Multifamily Report: Market News and Industry Updates.” Tune in weekly as Travis keeps you up to speed on what’s happening in the news and market as it relates to multifamily apartments.

In this episode of Multifamily Market Report, Travis draws attention to rising interest rates and what you can do to help protect yourself against them. There has been a lot of talk about interest rates recently. While nobody can predict the future, what we can talk about is what you do in multifamily apartments to help preserve capital, increase net-operating-income, and combat interest rates.


  • Interest Rate Caps
  • Assumable Loans
  • Interest Only Long Term Loans
  • Ability to purchase property at a discount


Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below.

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