January 11, 2024

By: Travis Watts, Director of Investor Development

Navigating the World of Real Estate Investment 

In a recent enlightening episode of “Masters of Multifamily,” Travis Watts, the Director of Investor Development at Ashcroft Capital, hosts Ruzanna Queenan, president of Queenvest, a planning and investment firm specializing in real estate investments.  

The interview highlights the importance of comprehensive financial planning, particularly in the realm of real estate, where Queenan’s 20-year background in stock market investments and financial planning provides a holistic perspective. Unlike traditional planning models, Queenan’s approach integrates various facets of financial strategy, offering a one-stop solution that aligns with an investor’s overarching goals, addressing challenges unique to real estate portfolios. 

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Why Real Estate Investments
  • Unique Challenges Real Estate Investors Face
  • Maneuvering a Volatile Market
  • Traditional and Unconventional Planning Models


The Intersection of Financial Planning and Real Estate Investment 

Queenan’s focus on real estate investors stems from recognizing the asset class’s potential for diversification and multiple income streams. She emphasizes the need to understand the nuances of each investor’s portfolio, from entity setup and tax strategies to succession planning. 

Her refreshing perspective challenges the conventional landscape of financial advice, emphasizing the evolving nature of the industry, with a focus on planning and support over mere investment management.   


Final Words of Encouragement in Volatile Times 

In volatile times, Queenan encourages investors to maintain a long-term perspective, exercise patience, and adhere to their investment strategies. 

Watch the full interview detailing Queenan’s financial planning roadmap for investors seeking to navigate the complex world of real estate investment. 

While the interview provides valuable insights, it is essential to note that Ashcroft Capital is not affiliated with Queenvest, and the inclusion of Queenvest does not constitute an endorsement. Investors are encouraged to seek planners who understand and support their unique needs.