December 4, 2023

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Welcome to a world of investor wisdom. Are you ready to seize investment opportunities in 2024? Our investor tips and quotes this year are from your trusted peers on this exciting investing journey.

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, staying informed and inspired is key. We have collected pearls of wisdom, strategies, and insights from current investors featured in The Monthly Distribution this past year. Together, let’s make 2024 your year of financial success.


Investor Quotes Stacee Evans

Stacee Evans, California

“Do your research and learn everything you can. Surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to do, and learn from them. But once you’ve got that knowledge, you have to just go for it!”


Investor Quotes Russell Brower

Russell Brower, Florida 

“If I had a mortgage and I was dependent upon the rental income to pay it, I’d be in dire straits. With Ashcroft, they might own a 400-unit apartment building. If any one person moves out, it’s all factored in. That demonstrates the protection you get.”


Investor Quotes Chad Philpott

Chad Philpott, Tennessee 

“I don’t want my kids to have to start from zero like I did. Real estate is a family affair for us. We are looking to build generational wealth for our kids and grandkids. We involved them in the business. They’ve worked on rentals…They know the lingo and the math. Real estate investing has afforded us opportunities to take our kids on amazing family trips to Hawaii and the Caribbean, and we plan to visit England next year. We got to see Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona firsthand, and that was big for us.”


Investor Quotes Kevin Heffernan

Kevin Heffernan, California 

“Ashcroft is not in the business to lose money, so they’re going to do what’s best for the investors and for the project as a whole, themselves included.”


Investor Quotes Dean Gronostaj

Dean Gronostaj, Texas 

“The big realization was the passive income that came from my investment with Ashcroft’s monthly distributions. My investments are paying for my son’s education and my daughter’s college tuition as well.”


Investor Quotes Jim Donnelly

Jim Donnelly, Ohio 

“One thing I learned in my career was that you invest in people. It’s people who drive businesses, and it’s people who get the results. We invested with Joe because we trusted him after doing our due diligence and learning more about him. Get comfortable with the company, their leadership and ethics, and whether they’re good people with good hearts––not just trying to make a buck. You’ll find that those guys will let you down. If you find people who are truly sincere in their efforts to build relationships and build equity, you’re better off.”


Investor Quotes Josh Beesinger

Josh Beesinger, Texas 

“The hardest part about finding a good syndication is needing transparency. You want to look at all of their past deals, not just the good ones. You want to see the average. And there’s not a lot of syndicators who are fully transparent about that.”


Investor Quotes Mark Hentemann

Mark Hentemann, California 

“I had become an annoying evangelist to all of my writer friends, saying ‘Do yourself a favor and invest in real estate!’ For me, the big highlight of the (investment) proceeds is being able to step into a volatile industry. Discovering real estate investments gave me the confidence to stay in this field and not be anxious all the time. We’ve been on strike going on four months—and your income stops. I’m so lucky that I invested in real estate and continue to invest both passively with other operators and on my own.”


Investor Quotes Chandra Venkat

Chandra Venkat, Kansas 

“We always said we should have cash flow funding our vacations instead of spending the money we’ve earned. Ashcroft has helped us quite a bit with the cash flow coming in so we can replace our income and be financially free. That also helps us have the time freedom we want. I would say the biggest lesson is that we regret we didn’t start sooner.”


Investor Quotes Stan Sudarso

Stan Sudarso, California 

“Multifamily investing was in a different ballpark––a game changer. I said, ‘Let’s go all in on this and build our passive income streams.’”


Investor Quotes Tim Wagner

Tim Wagner, Washington 

“After the markets crashed, around 2009, I began looking into ways to diversify my 401k. I started listening to the Bigger Pockets podcasts; that’s where I first heard Joe Fairless talking about multifamily syndications. There’s no guarantee, but I think these are solid investments. You look at the housing crisis––the number of people that don’t have a place to go––and these multifamily dwellings provide a place for people to live as opposed to home ownership.” 


Investor Quotes Richard Hart

Richard Hart, California 

“I think people just get a little nervous. You have to be an accredited investor and go through that process, but I would encourage people in general to go ahead and take a little bit of risk and look at the upside rather than be so conservative. I always look at the worst-case scenario. I ask myself if I could survive if this went belly up. Yes, I could. Would it hurt a little? Maybe, but the upside is just too good to not explore.”


Investor Quotes Daniel Galvan

Daniel Galvan, Illinois 

“We wanted to have more flexibility. So, we started researching how to get involved in multifamily syndications. We’ve always seen the power of investing in real estate. We had our own rental properties, and we invested through the stock market, but we were looking for something more substantial. Syndication was really appealing––it almost sounded too good to be true!” 


Investor Quotes Jennifer Skeen

Jennifer Skeen, California 

“It was a hassle for an out-of-state investor, and the market was popping, so I decided I would just cash in. Instead of flipping them into a 1031 exchange so I would reduce my taxes, I decided to put the money toward a passive investment with Ashcroft, where I could take advantage of accelerated depreciation to help with taxes. Ashcroft is a reputable company and well-known in the investment community, so I felt really comfortable.”


Investor Quotes Joe Sauers

Joe Sauers, Pennsylvania

“Being financially free, not having to punch a time clock anywher –that’s the biggest benefit of syndications. The stock market can’t generate that monthly passive income or the tax benefits. To me, it was a no-brainer”


Investor Quotes Mark OBrien

Mark O’Brien, California 

“I was sold on real estate as my asset class of choice, but I was in analysis paralysis running the numbers on real estate deal flow from 2013 to 2015. I analyzed every type of deal––NNNs, single-family homes, fourplex developments, turnkey providers, and many more. His (Joe Fairless) team creates some of the best pitch decks, which include the most extensive research and due diligence all in one place. Ashcroft is conservative on their projections and has only outperformed for me since day one.”


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