July 5, 2023


Ashcroft Capital works hard to continually protect its investors’ finances and data from cyber threats and criminals. We recognize that the best line of defense against cybercrimes is awareness. Therefore, we recommended several tips to help keep yourself safe from internet fraud. 


  • Scammers often use fake emails, text messages, voice calls, and/or letters to pose as a legitimate company (like Ashcroft Capital) and request personal information or a payment transfer. When receiving requests for confidential information 
  • Remain suspicious of calls, texts or emails requiring immediate action;   
  • Investigate before responding to any unfamiliar requests; and 
  • Remember that Ashcroft’s policy is to never request personal information over the phone, by text, or by unsecured email.  
  • Do not click on any links included in unsolicited emails or text messages that ask you to update or verify account information. 
  • Never send funds to a third party until you confirm that the payment request is legitimate. 
  • For example, use the verified payment information in Ashcroft Subscription documents and if you have questions, reach out to an investor relations team member. 
  • We will keep you updated as we learn about how new scams evolve. It’s all part of how Ashcroft Capital is looking out for our investors. 


Here are some additional resources to learn more about avoiding potential scams and fraud:  


To learn more about investing with Ashcroft Capital, visit https://info.ashcroftcapital.com/fund or schedule a call with our Investor Relations Team at investorrelations@ashcroftcapital.com.