October 5, 2023

A Webinar Series for Investors Like You

Ashcroft Capital kicked off our Building Passive Income Webinar Series in June. Every two weeks, you can join one of our thought leaders for an informative and interactive conversation surrounding real estate investing topics.  

If you are looking to create more passive income, you might want to consider the many benefits that real estate has to offer. Passive income investing is a way to put more money in your pocket while freeing up your time.

This strategy allows you to expand your lifestyle without the hassle of becoming a landlord. Investing in multifamily real estate is ideal for those who prefer a more conservative approach to growing and preserving wealth.

The great news is you can begin today even if you do not have past experience.  

Multifamily Real Estate Can Offer: 

  • A hedge against inflation: with higher inflation, property values and rents go up, yielding higher returns 
  • Portfolio diversification: historically, real estate has a low correlation to the stock market 
  • Consistent cash flow: returns you can rely on in the form of rental income 
  • Ability to appreciate: tends to appreciate even in times of market volatility 


The next webinar in this series will be announced soon.


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If you would like to learn more about investing in multifamily properties, please visit https://info.ashcroftcapital.com/fund or schedule a call with one of our investor relations team members today at investorrelations@ashcroftcapital.com.