April 6, 2023

By: Danielle Jackson, Investor Relations, Senior Manager

Join Ashcroft Capital’s Investor Relations Senior Manager, Danielle Jackson, for her series, “3 Minutes of Real Estate.” Tune in to our YouTube channel weekly for an easy 3 minutes of learning about investing in real estate.

In 2021, Ashcroft Capital switched from a one-off syndication structure to a fund model, and since has successfully closed 2 funds with our third, the Ashcroft Value-Add Fund 3 open. On this edition of 3 Minutes of Real Estate, Danielle discusses the purchasing power of the fund model. The fund model creates a more positive perception that you can achieve greater success with:


  • Having cash on hand to close on the property
  • Your ability to raise the capital quickly
  • Presenting your built-in investment process –
  • Completing/conducting due diligence and securing debt financing


Take a couple minutes to watch the video. If you would like to learn more about investing in multifamily assets schedule a call with our Investor Relations Team at investorrelations@ashcroftcapital.com.

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