Tiffany Brasley

Tiffany Brasley has a proven ability to connect with people from all backgrounds and develop lasting, meaningful relationships in the workplace. These characteristics combine with her rich experience, strong work ethic, helpful attitude and love of learning to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Prior to joining Birchstone Construction as Superintendent of Interior Renovations, Tiffany was a Project Manager at Globus Management Group, a Garland, Texas-based general contractor. There she oversaw construction projects from beginning to end. She estimated costs; managed budgets; determined the necessary equipment, materials and manpower needed for each project; kept track of inventory, tools and equipment; and ensured supplies and equipment were ordered and delivered on schedule.

Her career includes a stint as a Project Manager at JoGip Property Management in Dallas, where she managed 350 residential rental homes in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Tiffany also brings valuable management experience from her time in the retail and medical industries.

A survivor of Hurricane Katrina, Tiffany is committed to community service and is writer and speaker of word poetry. She performed word poetry at an Amsterjam festival with Snoop Dogg, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Wyclef Jean.

Sharina Gomez

Sharina brings over 15 years of experience in the multi-family renovation construction industry, successfully managing projects across the US mainland and pacific territories. Sharina has equal experience in both the ownership and contractor side of the business, including having served in a variety of roles including project manager, operations manager, and senior leader. Overseeing $120 million of contracted construction projects across 10 states has provided Sharina with extensive experience and construction knowledge.

Sharina’s responsibilities include management of volume base interior renovations, leasing & fitness center upgrades, project planning, management and execution.  She works with superintendents, subcontractors, national vendors and suppliers to ensure production is maintained and in-budget.

Doug Palmer

Doug Palmer has been in the multi-family renovation construction industry for over 27 years and he has equal experience in both the ownership and contractor side of the business. Overseeing $200 million of contracted construction projects across 13 states has provided Doug with extensive experience and a wealth of construction knowledge. Passing general contractor licensing exams in Arizona, California, Kansas as well as a national exam contributed to his successfully understanding and completing these projects.

Doug’s responsibilities include major exterior renovations, leasing & fitness center upgrades, and complete interior modifications. As well, he is responsible for producing an Acquisition Renovation Budget for new property purchases. Doug works with architects, contractors, engineers, and national vendors to negotiate and oversee on-time and in-budget quality construction projects. As a licensed All- Lines Insurance Adjuster, Doug has the knowledge and skills to negotiate and successfully rebuild properties after disaster claims. Doug has earned his Certified Apartment Manager & Certified Apartment Property Supervisor certifications from the National Apartments Association.