Kseniia Zaydfudim- Chief Financial Officer- Headshot

Kseniia Zaydfudim, Chief Financial Officer

Kseniia Zaydfudim is responsible for the finance and accounting functions at Ashcroft Capital. Prior to joining Ashcroft, Kseniia spent four years at 60 Guilders, LLC as the Vice President of Finance responsible for the financial reporting, accounting, auditing and compliance functions of the firm. Prior to 60 Guilders, LLC, Kseniia spent three years at KPMG, LLP where she was tasked with performing audits for real estate clients and tax compliance services for REITs and private equity clients.

Kseniia has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Master of Science in Taxation from St. John’s University. Kseniia is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York.